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Before her brain started behaving strangely, Kat Porter’s biggest worries were her upcoming tenure review and her partner’s desire to start a family. 

Then she began unlocking abilities that bewildered her doctor and attracted a shadowy research firm intent on studying her at any cost.

Aided by a group of mystics awaiting a prophet, Kat must now master her new powers before Neuro-Logic Industries and its government associates gain control of her brain, with or without the rest of her. Forced to flee her comfortable life in Seattle, Kat goes on a journey of discovery that takes her to the peaks of the Canadian Rockies and transforms her understanding of the world. What happens next might just birth an evolution in human consciousness.

“At once thriller and search for meaning, Karuna Das’s story of an extraordinary woman’s self-discovery imagines a world of conspiracy at the edge of science where the stakes couldn’t be higher. Kat’s Cradle probes the very nature of existence and digs for answers at the intersection of medicine and mystery.” 
— Tom Sweterlitsch, author of The Gone World 

“An inquiry into the nature of consciousness, evolution, and perspective that makes Kat just one of a series of strong characters whose lives intersect in ... its paradigm-changing inspection of humanity, spirituality, and forces beyond human ken.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Kat’s Cradle is neuropunk at its mind-bending and truly optimistic finest.”
— Heidi Ruby Miller, author of the Ambasadora series

Coming May 3, 2022
from D. X. Varos Publishing

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